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Author Blanche Brideau believes that angels walk among us every day. In her compilation of faith-filled stories based on true events, Brideau illustrates the power of faith, intuition, and Gods unconditional love for each one of us. In a world often filled with pain, injustice, and grief, it is still possible for people to experience great comfort, often in miraculous ways. With the wish of placing a seed of hope in the hearts and minds of those who may live with doubt, Brideau offers a glimpse into the lives of real people who struggle with complicated issues and somehow manage to find reassurance through their faith.

From the mother who gives birth to a tiny girl with challenging health problems to the innocent wish of a little boy to a strangers love for a hungry child, Brideau allows others to witness the miracle of what love can doeven in the most dire of circumstances. Beyond the Rainbow: Gods Hand at Work is an inspiriting compilation of essays that encourages others to explore their own spiritual journeys in an entirely new way. A Little Boys Wish. Elias National Park, Alaska. To believe with delight every fresh dawn, as we scramble from the covers, that another day abounds.

To believe that love is here, in you and me and puppy fun and especially in gentle hands. To believe He has angels to send, whenever we are in need. To believe He died with love for us so that when we go away forever, from special love we never part. May I never miss a beautiful rainbow or a wondrous sunset because I am looking down.

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O beautiful rainbow--all woven of light! The smile of God is here. I licked dewdrops from a leaf, my soul without a care There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. Robert Motherwell. Promise, you'll feel some comfort, on all the saddest days, And know my smiles for you, are sent on sunshine rays.

Promise you'll remember laughter, to kiss each new tomorrow, May God's love hold you close, to soothe away the sorrow. Promise you'll find some beauty as you open your eyes each day, For faith to conquer doubt, to hear what heaven will say. Promise you'll enjoy each sunset with all it's golden glow, To lift your deepest thought, eternal joy to know. Promise you'll find some courage, to look beyond the rain, So every rainbow promise carries you o'er the pain. Promise you'll reach out to friends, to let them share their love, May angels surround you now, from our Father up above.

Come, rest upon the garden bench, n ear the rainbow fountain path, We'll watch the puppies play, d elightful to our heart. The wind whipped up a frenzy, thunder claps rolled loud, Lightening flashed across the sky, revealing angry, lowering cloud. Voices cried What of those haunting doubts, saying what I shan't. The colours of the rainbow dried the tears upon my face Gentle dripping, caressed my mind, like intricate white lace. For there before me stood a gate, open A mansion in the heavens, fashioned wondrously, God's been at work designing her to fit Him perfectly.

It is specifically designed to keep information from hostile investigators.

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Freely acknowledging their demonic origins, the organiza- tion called one of its publications Lucifer for many years. For all their zeal in stamping out Christianity for the sake of religious "freedom," the early Movement had no such qualms about stamping their own brand of religious in- terference upon the unsuspecting Indian population: "For, both H. The Movement: A Short History 47 tirety. These included precipitating of letters, materializations of objects, and pro- duction of strange sounds. Those allegedly producing the phenomena, which opponents of the Society decried as fraud, were said to be in Tibet, whereas the phenomena itself appeared in India and Europe.

To his surprise, he received two letters signed "Master KH CKoot Hoomi instructing him to leave immediately for India to assist the Theosophists there. These letters arrived the same day that Madame Blavatsky was leaving England for a return trip to India. Disregarding biblical warnings about those in the last days departing from the truth to follow the doctrines of seducing spirits and devils, the clergyman quickly renounced the faith of his fathers to go serve the "masters.

After Helena Blavatsky's death, the organization con- tinued to prosper under the direction of Annie Besant. That is, until they made an abortive attempt to bring forth the an- tichrist. Their candidate they meticulously prepared for the job backed out on them. In Krishnamurti dissolved the accompanying Order of the Star consisting of his worldwide supporters. Perhaps some of the credit for the refusal might be attributed to his father, who fought Annie Besant and the Theosophical Society tooth-and-nail in an unsuccessful legal attempt to recover the children he had lost by Theosophical trickery.

The blow to the Theosophists was enormous, for no ex- Hbid. Sorbonne educated and genteel in appearance, he was an in- dividual with the necessary presence to make the desired worldwide impact. The disgruntled masters decided to pass the torch to another less rash than Annie Besant. Born to position and beauty in England, she spent part of her childhood in Montreal, where her father was employed as an engineer. Both parents died while Alice and her sister were still children. Raised by other relatives, their treatment was not unkind and they were well provided for during their minority.

Alice evidently felt inferior to her sister, a beautiful and brilliant physician. If her autobiography is to be believed, she already had contact with a "master" while still in her teens — an experience she did not understand until much later. For a period of her life she aspired to Christian service and spent time in India for this purpose.

She married outside her own social class; however, the class difference had been provided for in the usual mode of raising a prospective husband's status: he went to America to study for the Episcopal rectorhood and Alice joined him there. Since Episcopalians and Anglicans were considered equal in the eyes of British social and religious society, this technically made the marriage consistent with her own class.

It was not a happy marriage for Alice. Her husband had only one major vice — wife beating. After several children and several severe beatings, which Alice tried to hide to pro- tect his ministry, the estrangement finally was permanent. During their separation, she resided in California and sup- ported her growing family by working in a fish cannery. Hearing of two women in town who were English and of her same social class, Alice attempted to make their acquain- tance.

They were Theosophists and encouraged Alice to join their ranks. Hungry for companionship, she attended their meetings. The exotic teachings must have added interest to The Movement: A Short History 49 her monotonous life as a fish canner. After a monthly stipend began coming from her husband, Walter, she was financially free to quit the cannery and devote her time to her children and esoteric philosophy.

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The "masters" had found another chosen vehicle to preserve their teachings and do their work. Recruiting as usual from the confused, the lonely, and those in despair, they found a woman, with all three symptoms, mentally ready to do their bidding. As a result, her sister, a successful physician and devout Christian, broke all contact with Alice and never spoke to her for the remainder of her life.

Since the "masters" had convinced Alice of the possibility of reincarnation, she took the break with her sister in stride, thinking she would re-establish contact in her next life. Later in life Alice married Foster Bailey.

The Baileys did more than anyone, except perhaps Helena Petrovna Blavat- sky, to build the foundations for the "New Age. Like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, from that point forward in her life, Alice showed tenacious hatred for orthodox Christianity and fierce loyalty to the cause of occultism and Eastern mysticism. Although she continued to label herself a Christian, an ex- amination of her writings shows that she attached an entirely different meaning to the word than do orthodox believers. She taught the divinity of man and reincarnation as well as an attack on God's Word — the standard lies of the serpent of Garden of Eden days!

Her work was immense.

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The name was changed the next year to Lucis Publishing Company for reasons unknown. Maybe he wanted to use his nickname! Time frames were established by the "masters. These teachings omitted little or nothing. They ranged from the attitude of the Hierarchy toward Jews negative through dietary advice. Step by step they plotted the coming "New Age," with instructions for the institution of the neces- sary New World Order through the use of identifying rain- bows.

Plans for religious war, forced redistribution of the world's resources, Luciferic initiations, mass planetary initia- tions, theology for the New World Religion, disarmament campaign, and elimination or sealing away of obstinate religious orthodoxies — all were covered extensively in the Alice Bailey writings. Even the "sacredness" of the number of the beast — — was covered in at least two places.

She discounted the possibility that the Movement might be embarrassed by these books falling into the wrong hands. Alice was confident that they would be incomprehensible to anyone but an initiate. Had she been more familiar with the scriptures, she would have realized the folly of this position: "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand" Daniel , KJV. Comparing the Bailey teachings with the state of the Movement and its constituent organizations, it is clear that her instructions have been followed meticulously.

Her disciples are now on the last stages of the New Age scheme to take the world for Lucifer. Again, their work was performed by following meticulously the Bailey writings and "guidance" Eileen was receiving from spirit beings and what she calls the voice of "God.

Although many young people showed up daily at Findhorn, none received quite the royal welcome as did Spangler. Eileen Caddy had received "guidance" that David had the "Christ energies. Spangler went into frequent transmission from demonic beings, including Maitreya, Rakoczi, and many others. Esoteric lore, from Tibetan Buddhism through UFOlogy, was actively pursued by the Findhorn initiates and would-be in- itiates. Clergy ranging from Episcopal priests through Meth- odist ministers and others came to Findhorn to lend their input and approval.

Spangler made clear to those Findhorn residents and visitors — and a few years later to the entire listening world — that the true light of Findhorn was the light of Lucifer. At the same time Findhorn was blossoming, esoteric groups around the world commenced their networking ope- rations. Serving as a focal point for The Plan, Findhorn itself attracted visitors and residents from a worldwide base. Its residents meticulously studied and mastered the works of Alice A. David Spangler wrote a book which purported to be a transmission from unearthly sources — or "his higher self.

SRI itself proclaimed the inviolability of "spiritual forces" on its public lobby walls. Linkages were formed with the International Cooperation Council. This plus organizational network of networks is dedicated to the speedy implementation of "The Plan" — a plan which includes the bringing in of a New Age "Christ. This was another Plane- tary Network designed to publicize the "spiritual" goals of the coming "New Age. Spangler also calls Find- horn his home.

Similar to many dedicated New Agers, Spangler hails from a family which includes devout Christians. Jesus fore- saw this division of earthly families: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to bring peace, but a sword. The year was a banner year for the New Age Move- ment.

That was when its disciples had permission from the deceased Alice Bailey to "come out of the closet" and spread the New Age message to the world. Spangler, Mark Satin, and a host of other New Age personages and organizations launched their public work. It is interesting to note that Marilyn Ferguson also began publishing her Brain Mind Bulletin in From through and including the present time the propaganda networking has coincided with other planning and organizational efforts.

One important para-military organization with ties to the New Age Movement has come into being — the Guardian Angels, More ominous still are developments that have taken place under the auspices of the United States Military — the First Earth Battalion headed by recently retired Lt. James Channon — who proudly proclaimed he was leading his "monk-warriors with the Force. However, we Christians must realize that God's timetable takes precedence over the New Agers' timetable. Clearly the times are in God's hands. Nothing can happen, the whole New Age Movement notwithstanding, unless he is ready.

However, if God is ready, are we ready? It is time for a real soul-searching by all God's people. It consists of tens of thousands of cooperating organizations. Their primary goal or the secret behind their "unity-in-diversity" is the formation of a "New World Order," The Movement usually operates on the basis of a well-formulated body of underlying esoteric or occult teachings.

Heavily drawing upon all forms of mysticism — Eastern and Western — the Movement could appear to the unini- tiated as a loose coalition. However, there is extensive politi- cal collusion and agreement among its leadership. Carefully structured along the lines set forth in the Alice Bailey writings, it includes organizations teaching mind con- trol, holistic health, esoteric philosophy; scientific workers, political workers; and organizations dedicated to peace and world goodwill.

It also includes many consumer, environ- mental and nutritional organizations as well as religious cults of every shade and description. It has successfully infiltrated nearly every segment of our personal, religious, and professional lives. The glue binding most New Age devotees is one of common mystical experiences, "Experiential religion" is considered vital within the Movement.

A substantial proportion of those within the Movement strongly believe in psychic phenomena and say they do so because of "direct experiences. Contrary to the assertions of New Agers that their con- spiracy lacks dogma, there is a discernible body of teachings dominant within the Movement. While many paths may be em- ployed to reach the trance-like state they encourage, once that state is reached, the paths are nearly identical from that point forward. As Alice Bailey said, "[T]he emphasis in all esoteric schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid upon meditation.

Ouspensky, H. The esoteric thrusts of the Movement as well as the aims of its groups are largely derived from the Alice Bailey books. The "New Revelation" of the Movement has come forth in the prolific prose and poetry of Spangler. Marilyn Ferguson'6 The Aquarian Conspiracy, an important New Age manifesto, attempts to announce and popularize what the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement. Heavily extolling the joys of "altered states of consciousness," her book contains more euphemisms than facts when it comes to describing the promised land of the New Age.

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The hierarchy of the Movement has successfully managed to draw from a full spectrum of society to implement even- tual aims that can only benefit a small percentage — if anyone at all. Millions have been deceived into supporting projects designed to eventually strip even themselves of their civil liberties, much of their property, their preferred religion, and perhaps even their lives.

While euphemistically professing peace and love, the Movement has blinded even many of its sincere adherents from seeing its plain declarations for what they actually are. In trance-like rapture they openly cheer while "Aryanism," "the out-worn Jewish dispensation," "mass planetary initiation," "cleansing action" are sold to them as desirable positions and programs. While these same in- dividuals would rightfully picket to prevent a Nazi demonstration, they fail to see that point-for-point the pro- gram of the New Age Movement has complete identity with the programs of Hitler.

Supporters of anti-hunger programs are urged to back measures for abortion, artificial insemination, forced limita- tion of family size, genetic control, and even death control. Disarmament is a major component of the New Age Movement. Most of the rank and file supporters of this measure are sincere. However, I am sure most of them would lose their enthusiasm if they became aware of the scheme in its entirety.

For the very same books that lay out the freeze campaign as a necessary step towards implemen- ting a planetary government and a New World Order also state that the bombs will be used to keep religious groups in line once out of the hands of individual nation states. You will find the freeze campaign outlined as step no. The Movement: An Overview 57 important leader of the Movement has not-so-subtly in- formed New Age disciples that Hitler was one of their own and a disciple at that.

They openly and boldly set forth plans for a new mandatory world religion — a religion completely breaking with the concept of Jesus as the Christ and God as the Father. This book is published by Lucis Trust. Foster Bailey was an attorney, a former officer of the American Theosophical Society under the international direction of Annie Besant, and most importantly, die husband of Alice A. The Baileys broke with the Theosophical Society after Alice became the subject of transmissions by the "masters.

While Bailey does not mention Hitler directly in this particular passage, nevertheless, one hardly needs a Ph. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not work. Now another attempt is in full swing. After the death of Alice Bailey in , Foster Bailey eventually married Mary Bailey, another staunch female esotericist. According to this, the "New Age" is to be an age when "[Ajbove all.

The New Agers also maintain the traditional occult doctrine of a blood taint resting on those of Jewish extraction. An imminent coup by a New Age cabal is not outside the range of probabil- ity. This defines the surfacely innocuous line of the "Great Invocation" calling for "sealing the door where evil dwells. The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A. Bailey, pages , which states that the New "Christ" will not be Jewish as the Jews have forfeited that privilege and must "pass through fires of purification.

Reflections is published by the Findhorn Foundation. The Movement: An Overview 59 which are located in every major city. This structure is difficult to depict on an ordinary organizational chart. Sociologically de- scribed as "Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks" SPIN , Marilyn Ferguson says that the "organization chart of a SPIN would look like 'a badly knotted fishnet with a multitude of nodes of varying sizes, each linked to all the others, directly or indirectly,' " 10 And there is no single leader or organization indispen- sable to the functioning of this New Age "network of net- works.

You can't destroy the network by destroying a single leader or some vital organ. The center — the heart — of the net- work is everywhere. A bureaucracy is as weak as its weakest link. In a network, many persons can take over the function of others. This characteristic is also like the brain's plasticity, with an overlap of functions so that new regions can take over for damaged cells.

This is a source of power never before tapped in history: multiple self-sufficient social movements linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment would transform every aspect of contemporary life. According to the advertising blurb, "The first edition of this year's directory features the names and full addresses only of approximately 10, New Age'organizations with their branches throughout the United States and Canada, and some overseas.

In fact, they gave his organization the label of a New Age "spiritual" cen- ter. According to them, Jones' role was to "teach Christian socialism in preparation for the New Age. New Age Magazine as well as several other New Age publications, quickly and with real chutzpah, moved to turn a potential public rela- tions disaster into a propaganda victory. The New Age Movement is different. Because of those differences we tend not to recognize it for the true danger it actually poses.

Often networks take similar action without conferring with each other simply because they share so many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the collusion. As David Spangler once said, "The value of the New Age centers is that they are developing around people and places relatively uncontaminated by the taught forces, energies, and patterns of the past.

Not being a part of the old web of power lines and influence, these new centers are not faced with having to overcome the inertia and am- biguous energies from past patterns. Thus a new world is being bom and shall be born. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented, evolutionary, redundant. Its center is everywhere. Although many social movements and mutual-help groups are represented in its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of them. By networking they have achieved a synergetic effect that makes them nearly unstoppable.

By networking they have indeed achieved a lack of dependency on any one group or leader. As they continued undaunted by the Jim Jones affair, they probably can and will go on unaffected by anyone else com- mitting a similar faux pas in the eyes of the public. Perhaps they will again even exploit such a similar disaster by publishing books and articles proclaiming that unfortunate ex- perience to be a danger of "religious fundamentalism. Either they do not know the true aims and intents of its leadership or, more often, they are operating under the influence of extremely sophisticated forms of mind control.

One such session witnessed by me personally in Oklahoma City saw the "guru" take his audience under several levels of hypnosis by putting them in a "relaxa- tion' state. They were never brought back up! However, many abandon the New Age Movement when tactfully presented with its true facts. Truly the conspiring spirit behind the New Age Move- ment, as well as many of its theoreticians, leaders, and occult predecessors, has successfully exploited the principle of "divide and conquer. While the Christians were preoccupied with each other, their churches were nearly all infiltrated with the New Age philosophies and social- political programs.

Judaism was also infiltrated. The New Age teachings are the same old lies that have been about since the snake beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden: "Thou shalt not surely die. The political goal of the Movement is global control. Although this goal has never before been achieved, they think the times are ripe and they may well be right. Now the whole planet is alive with instantaneous links, networks of people poised for communication and cooperation.


In many different places, at different times, the kindling is laid for the real conflagration — the one that will consume the old landmarks and alter the landscape "Ibid. The Movement: An Overview 63 forever. They propose to establish gigantic global agencies such as a World Food Authority, World Water Authority, and an authority to administer a universal draft and a universal tax.

At that time he told those present that the New World Order would consist of very large global agencies. We would have to manage on a large scale. He said that both the United Nations and the multi-national corporations have been training grounds for the com- ing globalization. Computer use and its maliciously planned destructive impact on religion are discussed on pp. All are prominent within the New Age Movement.

Norman Cousins is heading the invitor committee, according to Issue 2 of their newspaper, The Initiator. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Carlos Romulo of the Philippines had accepted as of late winter-early spring, They plan to hold a simultaneous meeting of the World Council of Wise Persons in tandem with the "culminating global congress" of Planetary Initiative in Toronto.

Of course this will take place at the time of "Summer Solstice," The Movement has managed to win many of the very cream of our intellectual crop by flat- teries. The flattery is the same as that employed by the serpent to Eve — "Thou shalt be as gods. In fact, the New Agers claim they are a "new species. They "evolved" by employing mind-expansion techniques such as meditation and the "other disciplines.

And it should be for it is identical. Both theories — Nazi and New Age — are based on a fable of "Aryanism," a belief that out of the mists of Atlantis emerged Aryan man. Other "sub-races" also survived the Atlantis cataclysms; how- ever, the Aryans were the most highly "evolved. One is also forced to pause when he sees the extensive organizational efforts of determined New Agers. Planetary In- itiative and its World Council of Wise Persons are synergis- "This surprising statement is taken from John White's introduction to the Inter- national Cooperation Council Directory, Presently known as the Unity-in-Diversity Council and under the direction of Leland Steward, it is actively and openly on the "Maitreyan path.

New Age communication employs a specialized vocabu- lary extensive enough to require a separate New Age Dic- tionary which helps worldwide New Agers speak each other's language. Of course, this just happens to match one of the lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden in telling Eve "you shall not surely die.

Sanat Kumara a scrambling of Satan. It contains thousands of entries in its pages. Needless to say, it is an invaluable reference for those wishing to research the New Age Movement. For "Sanat Kumara" is allegedly "the eternal youth from the Planet Venus. The same chart also contains several lower levels of as- sorted "Kumaras," "departmental heads," "Manus," "Bodhisattvas," and "Mahachohans," and beneath them, in their turn, many "masters. None other than "The Master Jesus! The same organizational chart has separate listings for Jesus and the Christ — a distinct mark of the spirit of an- tichrist: "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ?

Another key component to the Movement is a boundless belief in evolution. In fact, it is central to their theology. The Movement teaches that we have all evolved, but some of us have evolved more highly than others — just as some of us "manifest our divinity" more than others. It is interesting to note that several of the signers of the The Movement: An Overview 67 Humanist Manifesto are also actively involved in Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose — the big, in- vogue political vehicle for the would-be forces of "Maitreya the Christ. When Benjamin Creme, spokesman for the so-called Maitreya the Christ spoke in Detroit on November 4, , he was asked if he had ever met the Christ.

His answer was revealing. He said, "No, I've never met the Christ, but I've met the human body he is inhabiting sev- eral times — but never as the Christ. It constitutes nothing less than old-fashioned demonic possession. The per- son who will eventually be the antichrist and consequently the chief spokesman for Satan will be an adult who freely and voluntarily decided to assume the spirit of Satan.

The Movement teaches that man is saved by initiation and works rather than through the grace of God and faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Initiation is considered by them to be the heart and core of the planned New World Religion. Sadly, the New Age Movement has infil- trated even many of our Christian denominations with this pagan concept. Another key teaching of this Movement is that all things are "interconnected" or "interdependent.

This is also called the Doctrine of At-One-Ment, which is a prob- able perversion of the Christian doctrine of atonement. The New Age Movement's deep and abiding hatred for Jews, Catholics, Protestant fundamentalists, and orthodox Moslems in particular, and all Christians in general has been reaffirmed in the numerous David Spangler writings and tapes as well as those of other current New Age leaders.


Further, the Movement's theology contains a strong belief in an "inner government" of our planet by a hierarchy of spirits or alleged "masters of wisdom. The Movement is working quickly and efficiently to execute its scheme to take control of the world for "Maitreya," not so-subtly, calling it "The Plan. Much of the leadership behind this Initiative has already taken public stands in favor of "Maitreya the Christ.

They claim that master "messiahs" will appear to adherents of all the present major world religions to persuade them of the "truths" of the New World Religion and its "New Relevation. Christians should not be deceived should such an occur- rence take place, for the Bible clearly warns us that Satan is able to appear as an angel of light and has the power to make his lesser agents and ministers appear likewise in the same light.

The Movement has threatened violence and even exter- mination of Jews, Christians, and Moslems failing to cooperate with "Maitreya" and the New World Religion. The threat is contained in several places in the Alice Bailey writings and reiterated in the David Spangler writings, which state that those of us who refuse to accept the "Christ" will be sent to another dimension other than physical incarnation, out of physical embodiment, to another level of vibration where we will be happier!

Many lesser-level initiates in the Movement are unaware of the situation. The Movement's theoreticians, including Spangler, also speak freely of the need to maintain Aryan purity — which was Hitler's justifica- tion for exterminating the Jews. Despite their current talk of need for "religious freedom" from the "persecutions.

Its views are reiterated fre- quently by prominent New Age spokesmen such as Gregory Bateson, David Spangler, and Foster Bailey Bateson and Bailey are now both deceased : that religious freedom and the separation between Church and State must end in the New Age. Buckmirister Fuller has also incorporated such teachings into his "design science" proposals for the "New Age. This is considered a key step to the implemen- tation of their hoped-for "New World Order. In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament.

It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organise any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations. Its uses are twofold at this time: "a. As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilisations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilisation, thus demonstrating the true syn- thesis which underlies humanity.

The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram [will-to-good, Sham- balla force, violence energies], working in conjunc- tion with a fifth ray group [scientific workers]; from the long-range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present — the United States of America, Great Bri- tain and Canada.

It belongs to the United Nations for use or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head. Bailey, p. The Movement: An Overview 71 political groups of any powerful religious organisa- tion, such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to the busi- ness for which all religions are responsible — leading human beings closer to the God of Love.

New Agers have publicly made their intent known to abolish cash money. They have said they propose to imple- ment a "more rational means of exchange," such as a com- puterized barter system. Books by Buckminster Fuller clearly spell out an intent to give every world resident a number and require the usage of this number in all financial transactions of any sort — in- cluding minor purchases — with a universal "credit card. The motivation behind this proposal may be gleaned from the Fuller writings: in order to control the world, one must also control the world supply routes.

Another goal of their "hierarchy" for this "New World Order" is that of a unified Europe. This sounds strangely like the beast that came out of the water in Revelation it had feet like a bear Russia? As to the seven heads, the New World Order will sup- posedly be one in which the "mysteries" are restored. The 72 The New Age and Prophecy 73 seven past governments of which Rome was the sixth and Hitler the seventh were all pagan, mystery-religion govern- ments. In the Book of Revelation the government of the an- tichrist is to be headed by "the beast that was dead and came back to life.

It is also interesting to note that Nazism was commonly re- ferred to as "the beast" and according to Trevor Ravenscroft in The Spear of Destiny, Hitler knowingly tried to invoke the spirit of the "beast from the pit. The October issue of the Reader's Digest carried a full-page, full-color copy of "The Great Invocation," the New Age prayer to "Maitreya the Christ" to invoke his presence on earth. Benjamin Creme has stated, as do the Alice Bailey writings, that the "Great Invocation" will be the new world prayer after the advent of "Maitreya," whoever he is.

And similar to Nazism, the New Agers — or top level New Age esotericists, that is — do have a war planned for our future. The precise nature of this planned conflict may be gleaned from the Alice Bailey writings: "Years ago I said that the war which may follow this one would be waged in the field of the world religions. Such a war will not work out, however, in a similar period of external carnage and blood; it will be fought largely with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealistic fanaticism.

This inherent fanaticism found ever in reactionary groups will fight against the appearance of the coming world religion and the spread of esotericism. For this struggle certain of the well-organised churches 74 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow through their conservative elements their most powerful elements , are already girding themselves.

Fanati- cism, entrenched theological positions, and materialistic selfishness are to be found actively organised in the churches in all continents and of all denominations. They can be expected to fight for their established ecclesiastical order, their material profit and their temporal rule, and already are making the needed preparation. The fight will then spread to thinking men and women everywhere who — in a protesting revolt — have denied orthodox churchianity and theology. There she states the three planned activities of this "New Age Christ": "1.

The reorganisation of the world religions — if in any way possible — so that their out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief that they know what is in the Mind of God may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration. The gradual dissolution — again if in any way possible — of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognise the Christ.

In saying this I do not fail to recognise those Jews throughout the world who acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking. Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion. Bailey, pp. The New Age and Prophecy 75 thodox religious opposition has to do with the economic system she proclaims will be set up by the so-called "Hierar- chy": "When the 'adjuster of finances' as an advanced disciple from this Ashram is called in the Hierarchy appears, he will find conditions greatly changed from those now prevalent, and this to the following extent: "1.

The principal of barter and exchange to the benefit of all concerned will control. Owing to the development of atomic energy on behalf of human welfare, national currencies will have been largely superseded, not only by a system of barter but by a universal monetary exchange — representative of bartered goods when they are relatively small and unimportant — and by a planned scale of related values. National material assets and the needed commodities will all be provided for under an entirely new system. Private enterprise will still exist, but will be regulated; the great public utilities, the major material resources and sources of planetary wealth — iron, steel, oil and wheat, for instance — will be owned in the first place by a governing, controlling international group; they will, however, be prepared for international con- sumption by national groups chosen by the people and under international direction.