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To better serve these tourists and to discourage illegal camping, the Algarve now announced several extra parks to accommodate motorhomes.

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Then there is a new one near Tavira Cachopa. More information may be found on www.

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Discover the diverse districts of this beautiful city, take a trip around the sights and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. It is one of the most famous sights in Lisbon. The history of the tower dates back to the sixth century. There is also a museum where everything will be explained about the history of this area.

In the evenings the tower is lit, which certainly is a beautiful sight. Casino Lisboa. If you are looking for some fun in the evening, then the beautiful Casino Lisboa is a good tip. Also in architecture this is an interesting casino. It was designed by Stanley Ho and we can call it a real eye-catcher. Especially in the dark, it is amazing.

Inside it is cozy and one can try his luck with a card game or a spin on the roulette wheel. The opening hours of Casino Lisboa are nice and it is located centrally. Tram Every visitor must have taken at least one ride with tram 28 in Lisbon. This world-famous and vintage tram line makes a long route through the city and is an ideal way to get to know Lisbon in a short period of time.

A ticket for tram 28 costs no more than three euros and trams leave almost every ten minutes. If you want to rest and enjoy the beautiful nature of the city of Lisbon, then visiting the island of Cascais is highly recommended. This island is a walhalla for the surfers and the rest seekers.

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  8. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, visit the cozy center or go for a walk. From Lisbon, it is only an hour to reach Cascais by train. June 8, The Ria Formosa is home to the largest population of sea horses in the world.

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    The yearly Bike Meeting in Faro attracts about In Silves, they make wine out of oranges. In Castro Marim, you can take a mud bath in a traditional salt pan. Long story short: the Algarve is more than just a place with beautiful beaches. To show the variety of this region, journalist Yayeri van Baarsen and photographer Kyle Rodriguez have made the monthly online Enjoy the Algarve magazine the first issue came out in June With articles about the local cork industry, the coffee culture, the varied nature, and the forgotten villages where people still use donkeys to plough their land.

    But above all the magazine is about, quite simply, enjoying the Algarve. Explore the countryside, jump into rivers, taste that Medronho. So that during your holiday in the south of Portugal you experience more than just drinking vinho verde in the hotel bar and lounging on the beach. Currently Enjoy the Algarve exists two years. Also in every edition: features, activity reviews, city guides, photography tips, expat interviews and Portugal trivia. What are you waiting for?

    Website: www. In general most people drink their cerveja straight from the bottle, and that is the way it tastes best, preferably freezing cold! If you prefer a draft beer, you have to ask for an Imperial regular size glass or a Caneca large glass mug.

    Algarve Stories

    There are bottles of 20 ml mini and 33 ml media. What is the best beer of Portugal? Ask this question in the north of the country and most people will tell you that is Super Bock. But if you ask the same question in the south, most people will vote for Sagres. The best advise is to try both of them and make up your own mind. Super Bock is made north of Porto by Unicer Bebidas.

    The Algarve has so much more to discover than just beaches and golf

    Unicer also produces Cristal beer as well as Carlsberg and Tuborg. The first Super Bock beer left the brewery in ! Super Bock proudly holds the leading position in the market.

    Albufeira Old Town and Albufeira New Town Algarve Portugal 2019 🇵🇹

    It is the sponsor of music events such as the Super Bock Super Rock. It also sponsors the football clubs of Sporting and Porto. Sagres beer was born in as a prestige beer and was the first beer to be exported. The brewery is near Lissabon. They also produce Luso and Heinkiken.

    They also both have a non-alcoholic beer. So more than enough to choose from! And if you want more, just ask for " mais uma, por favor " another one please. Football, more than just a game in Portugal May 1, Football is omnipresent in Portugal, you might even speak of "footballization" of the Portuguese society. Here, in the Algarve, the football-a-holics are often divided between the clubs of Benfica and Sporting or should I say Sporting and Benfica?

    Anyway, the third important national club, Porto , is out of the picture here. Football was brought to Portugal in the late 19th century by Portuguese students who returned from England. The first match on the mainland was in on the spot where now the Campo Pequeno is situated. Portugal won by from England then. Later the game spread through colleges and lead to the foundation of clubs all over the country.

    The main domestic football competition is the Primeira Liga. Besides Porto, there are two other important clubs in Portugal: Sporting Clube de Portuga l was founded in and Sport Lisboa e Benfica was born in People in this country are so fond of this game that there are 3 different daily newspapers on the subject.

    It is the national sport of Portugal and most people take it very seriously. On TV you can hear and see the latest news on football right after the most important national news and the topic takes up a lot of time. Only after the subject of football is finished, the rest of the world news is being discussed briefly. As far as games are concerned in which the national team plays: these are only big news if Portugal wins!

    The most important celebrities of Portugal are football players or trainers, such as Ronaldo and Mourinho. They are celebrated like half-Gods. Half of the people are fan of Benfica and the other half loves Sporting and the only thing that matters is that "the right" club wins. Hardly anybody goes to see a match life in the stadium, mostly due to the high prices of tickets, the long distance and the late hour of the games on working days.

    Portugal is home to many activities, events, beautiful places and friendly people. Moving here can be a great step for anyone who wants a new life in a country where people are friendly and there is plenty to do day or night. Portugal is, simply put, one of the most fascinating countries to live in. Whether you are looking for a home near the coast or maybe in more rural areas, there are homes ranging from simple and affordable to luxury. This means that whatever your budget may be, there is ample opportunity to find the perfect home to live in.

    With a wide array of housing choice and many things to do around the country, you will find a great deal of fun can be had when you want to step out and relax or get to know the local area. Relaxing on a beautiful beach with the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes is another ideal reason to move, as Portugal has some of the best shoreline you may ever see. While swimming or surfing are surely popular pastimes, many also enjoy stand up paddle boarding as well as exploring coastal caves and many other fun activities.

    Whatever strikes your fancy, you can find within Portugal. When you commit to a long-term move, you can take time to enjoy these great things for years to come. While some expats move with little more than a backpack and a dream of a more relaxed lifestyle, others choose to bring along household goods and other personal property. When you hire an international moving company, it can help cut down the overall stress involved with such a large move.

    Public transportation is however, affordable and easy to find in most major cities and large towns throughout Portugal. Due to shipping expenses, it is often advised to sell or donate items to cut back on what must be shipped. If you plan to have your items shipped, you will need to have the following documents ready for customs.

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    When it comes time to move to Portugal be sure to take a little time getting to know the area you are interested in so you can find a great home that fits your budget as well as your lifestyle. Learning the language is going to be important. Preview — Algarve Stories by Jan Sandford. Algarve Stories - The Complete Series 1 combines, in one volume, nine Algarve Stories previously published individually.

    From culture and traditions, food and drink, fruit and trees, wildlife, illicit stills in the Monchique hills and a gallery of eccentric characters, this collection of stories chronicles the adventures and experiences of a former expat Algarve resident. Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Algarve Stories , please sign up.

    Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 13, Susan rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book with its short easy to read stories. These are not stories as in fairy stories but rather anecdotes shared by someone who has lived and experienced life in the Algarve. The first story is about the Almond tree and the author shares facts about the tree, the nuts and how to use them medicinally and in some yummy recipes.

    We do get to learn the legend of the almond tree and how it came to be planted in Portugal. The tone is chatty and friend, as though you are sitting down with I enjoyed this book with its short easy to read stories. The tone is chatty and friend, as though you are sitting down with her and having a drink or two and sharing experiences. I have seen ex pats selling their English treasures, probably to Brits on holiday so that these little treasures will be travelling back from where they came across the channel.

    Jan tells the reader which markets are best for different things and how to cope with buying and selling in them. I particularly enjoyed the story about the washer up person became head chef which is pretty impressive promoting and I salute Jan for her ability to cope with a busy restaurant kitchen and keep her sanity. Also to do with food the Cataplana story appealed to me as I really loved Cataplana when we were in Portugal. The dish you cook it in is also called a Cataplana and while I would love to try and follow the recipe I know most of the sea food is either expensive or hard to get fresh here where we live in the Mid;lands so i will have to wait till we visit Portugal again.

    We learn where to eat the best Cataplana , what chouico which is different from the Spanish chorizo in that is is smoother and spicier which suits me as I hate big chewey bits that you sometimes get in chorizo. I was less keen on hearing about the killing of the pig needed as meat for this sausage! I am going to try the recipes using Spanish chorizo as we can't get thge Portuguese version here. In the Medronho story we learn about the strawberry tree and the harvest which is a sort of communal activity as everyone gathers fruit from anyone's tree and no concern is given to who owns the land or tree.

    I am not sure it sounds that tasty as the author and her family use it for medicinal reasons only with added honey to improve the taste! The olive tree story tells about harvesting the olives on the family land and how it is converted into delicious freshly pressed olive oil. It is a peak into the rural life of the local Portuguese farmers in the region. Olive oil as we all know has many uses from cooking through to cosmetics and beauty products as the olive has anti oxidants and so many great benefits which Jan explains clearly in her book.

    The orange tree like the others in the book have beautiful flowers that give off a wonderful scent as you walk among them. We learn when is the best time to pick oranges, about the skaravat, a Portuguese pole cat which runs through the orange orchards. We also learn about problems that you can encounter when growing oranges and how to deal with those. There is also a legend about the orange tree but you will have to read the book to learn about that. You can also learn about the benefits or oranges and orange blossom and the essential oils that are made from them.