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The Crossroads: A Short-Story Collection

Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Almost pitch-black where they were. One had a black hoodie on, and the other had a white team jacket pulled up over his head like a raincoat or something. They were soaked through, too, it looked like. I remember that awning because it rattled like a machine gun, there was so much rain.

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There were hardly any street lamps. Not a soul in sight. My windshield wipers were hardly of any use.

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I never went so slow in my life, while she sat there dripping, not saying a word. The old brick houses passed like black tombstones, with giant lightning bolts flashing all around and driving rain.

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Why would. Left or right? I want to go back! At least wait till it lets up.

She turns around, picked it up, and marched back in the direction we came. Last I saw she disappeared into the night and rain. My wife, our boys, and I lived in Germany with the Army.

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If they speak, it is only about going home. He has written two collections of short stories and six novels, four of which have been translated into English.

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And I mean that as a compliment… The Crossroads is no exception. The portrait it paints of Italian life is so bleak, and sometimes so crudely hilarious, that it should invite the fall of yet another Italian government…Ammaniti is the real deal. His novel proceeds at breakneck pace. Written with pace and a precision that is crafted with care and intelligence, The Crossroads is a rare novel that brings the human condition bluntly to the fore…Both confrontational, and a delicious pleasure to read. The Text Publishing Company.

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