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P85 G78 ; [[[by]]] Judith Parker see work. Jordan see work. Jordan, Academic Writing Course [[[by]]] R. I Maverick Vol. Collectorator combined Shenandoah Her Old Virginia houses ; [v. Oktober - 6. Januar [[[by]]] Helmut Brinker, Kunstschatten uit China v. BogAl combined Irene of the Mountains. BogAl combined Housekeeping in old Virginia: containing contributions from two hundred hundred and fifty of Virginia's noted housewives"," distinguished for their skill in culinary art , Housekeeping in Old Virginia [[[by]]] Marion Cabell Tyree see work.

BogAl combined Housekeeping in old Virginia containing contributions from two hundred and fifty of Virginia's noted housewives, distinguished for their skill in the culinary art and other branches of domestic economy [[[by]]] Marion Cabell Tyree, Housekeeping in Old Virginia [[[by]]] Marion Cabell Tyree see work. BogAl combined Housekeeping in old Virginia containing contributions from two hundred and fifty of Virginia's noted housewives, distinguished for their skill in the culinary art and other branches of domestic economy [[[by]]] Marion Cabell Tyree, Housekeeping in Old Virginia BogAl combined Housekeeping in Old Virginia Containing contributions from two hundred and fifty ladies in Virginia and her sister states [[[by]]] marioncabelltyree see work.

Historic Fincastle see work. BogAl combined By Ronald L. Heinemann see work.

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BogAl combined An old Virginia court : being a transcript of the records of the first court of Franklin County, Virginia, , with biographies of the justices and stories of famous cases transcribed, annotated, glossarized and indexed, [[[by]]] Marshall Wingfield, Virginia. BogAl combined F. BogAl combined Children of a New Fatherland. Stamps, Song Service and Revival [[[by]]] V. Stamps see work. Stamps, Gospel Tide [[[by]]] V. Stamps, Virgil O. Haimericus combined Favorite Radio Songs [[[by]]] V. Stamps' Favorite Radio Songs [[[by]]] V.

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Principal Fairbairn, D. Buchanan, etc [[[by]]] D. Collectorator combined Additions to the first edition of The rights, powers, and privileges of an English Convocation, stated and vindicated. By Francis Atterbury, preacher at the Rolls, and Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty [[[by]]] francisatterbury, Additions to the first edition of The rights, powers, and privileges of an English Convocation, stated and vindicated. Collectorator combined A second defence of the exposition of the doctrine of the Church of England against the new exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux, Late Bishop of Condom, and his vindicator, the first part, in which the account that has been given of the Bishop of Meaux's Exposition, is fully vindicated [[[by]]] William Wake, A second defence of the exposition of the doctrine of the Church of England against the new exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux, Late Bishop of Condom, and his vindicator, the first part, in which the account that has been given of the Bishop of Meaux's Exposition, is fully vindicated [[[by]]] William Wake see work.

Collectorator combined A new analysis of chronology and geography, history and prophecy : in which their elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific principles Collectorator combined A Discourse of church-government, wherein the rights of the church, and the supremacy of Christian princes, are vindicated and adjusted. By John Potter [[[by]]] John Potter, or , A discourse of church-government: wherein the rights of the Church, and the supremacy of Christian princes, are vindicated and adjusted [[[by]]] John Potter see work.

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Bernard Volume II. Tappenden see work. September - 1. Shortride combined The stormy present : conservatism and the problem of slavery in Northern politics, [[[by]]] Adam I. Smith see work. Murphy see work. By Abdullah Mans? Wyman Bury see work. Wuestenfuchs combined St. Harmon see work. Haviland see work. Bakels, prisoner no. Tolkien y C. Tolkien and C. Die nie geschriebenen Briefe der Emma K. Kaplan, Star Touched [[[by]]] A. Kaplan see work. Bishir see work. Lieber Paul! Jackson see work.

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  • SimoneA combined Klaassaar [[[by]]] pseud. SimoneA combined Kiusatus [[[by]]] pseud. Nora Roberts, Temptation [[[by]]] Nora Roberts see work. SimoneA combined Keskpv [[[by]]] pseud. SimoneA combined Kadunud ja taasleitud aarded [[[by]]] pseud. SimoneA combined Jumalate tants. Triloogia 2.

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    JMK combined Maxime Haubert. Ward see work. Crypto-Willobie combined Alma Rose! Gorn see work. Powell, Playback, equalizer settings for 78 rpm recordings [[[by]]] James R. Powell see work.

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    Heinlein see work. Schulman see work. Russell see work. Huxley and other sceptics demands for legal proof of the resurrection of Christ from the dead, and containing Pilate's official verification of the same : together with a discussion of the kingdom of heaven : how we know our New Testament contains the words of Jesus : chronology of the apostolic fathers and the testimony of H. Witcher see work. Mariul combined Der Rhein im Spiegel der Dichtung. Wells see work. Frische Knochen. Papiervisje combined Herakles Vol. Walker see work.

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    Little see work. Tags to add Separate with commas Add to collections Your library Search where? Killpack see work. Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert Jones see work. Traction: No. Skillz see work. Gutmann see work. Garriepy see work. Gordon Duff see work. Arthur O. Lewis Jr. Baxter, Jr. Haimericus combined Rainbow Rays [[[by]]] J. Bach pour Violoncelle seul adaptees au Trombone Tenor [[[by]]] J. Bach see work. Connor see work. Ivan L. Also Fiore di Rettorica. Firenze, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Paper MS. With Fioretto della Rettorica. Firenze, Bibl. Laurenziana, Red. With Orationi.

    Bound with Tesoro. Munich, Staatbibl. Leiden University, Vulc. Cited, Emil J. Rev , Bertoni BhII. Confusion exists concerning the siglum. Wiese C. Tommaso Casini had written to Wiese telling him of it. But it is not in that MS nor does Mazzatinti list it. I therefore exclude these two fugitive MSS. BL lyrics are found in Vaticano, lat. A fragment of the Tesoretto and some fugitive BL lyrics are copied out in the C.

    I ordered microfilms of all these Tesoretto manuscripts, working from these as well as from the originals, but Princeton University Library retained the microfilms. In most manuscripts the text of Il tesoretto is followed by that of Il favolello , a poem on friendship, much influenced by Cicero, Ailred of Rievaulx, Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun. In one manuscript Favolello alone is given Bb.

    Only one manuscript is illuminated Bb. There are 18 manuscripts which contain Il tesoretto in whole or in part, perhaps more, and the one with Il favolello only. Three Tesoretto manuscripts, interestingly, are bound with the Commedia Bb. Brunetto dedicates the Tesoretto to King Alfonso X el Sabio of Spain, to whom he had gone on embassy to seek help for Florence at the time of the Montaperti disaster.

    The Strozzi manuscript Bb. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Strozziano Written on vellum in the late 13 C, according to Bandini, in the 14 C according to later editors. The gatherings are in three quires with signatures, one of 8 plus 2, one of 8, one of 12 folios. Beginnings of sections of the poem use large alternating red and blue capitals, typical of many Tesoretto manuscripts. Each line begins with a small capital that has a yellow wash applied to it, and each line ends with a period.

    Illuminations occur, in delicate sanguine and grisaille and in Italian style, at the foot of many of the pages. See Campbell F. Monti Ia. Bertelli BhIII. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Laur. Early 14 C Florentine manuscript, similar to S, with alternating red and blue capitals and a yellow wash applied to smaller ones.

    Cart BhI. The quires are in 8s with 27 folios, Favolello beginning at c. The text is in two columns. Pages have been cut from original size. The text has more errors than S, is copied from it by a different scribe. Early 14 C Florentine. This lengthy manuscript contains first an entire Commedia of leaves. Il tesoretto , written in three columns to the page, takes up folios Pozzi C. Modern binding. Marchesini BhI.

    Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale, Palatino Brescia, Queriniana, A. Fine 14 C Emilian manuscript of 46 leaves in Bolognan libraria. Its words are carefully spaced and capitals given to proper nouns, which is not the usual practice with Florentine Tesoretto manuscripts. It lacks Il favolello. See Picci BhI. Dated by Wiese C. This manuscript was owned by the Bishop of Acerno and was used by Ubaldini C. Is it the MS Rezzi C.

    In three columns, incomplete. See Bd, Be. Evidence of prison copying and Averroist material. See Petrucci, Catalogo BhI. It has 39 leaves. Corrections have been made to the text from Strozziano manuscript, probably by Ubaldini in readiness for his edition C. Very similar to Riccardiano siglum R; Bb. These manuscripts are both written in a crude cursive Gothic upon parchment that exhibits a similar disparity between their hair and flesh sides. Like C1 in being an omnium gatherum. Il pataffio C.

    Wiese BhI. It is a fragment in Bolognan libraria from a good early MS. Irene Maffia Scariati finds it corresponds to Strozziano , fols 2vv, lines Paper, 15 C MS. P is descended from M. The manuscript also contains part of the Epistolarium and astronomical material and is a Florentine common-place book. Il tesoretto fragment is at cc. Prose Troy tale follows. Five-pointed stars on fly leaves.

    See Bertoni BhI. Venezia, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Zanetti 49 Beautiful Humanist script, frontispiece illuminated with gold borders, decoration. Attests to 16 C popularity of the poem. MS also contains Petrarchan material. Firenze, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Riccardiano Contains Il tesoretto and the poem once thought to be by BL, Il mare amoroso, as well as a sonnet. While Contini C. Teresa De Robertis identified script as 13 C. Its text speaks of the writing of the French Li Livres dou Tresor in the past; the others speak of that task in the future tense.

    It is not. On Mare amoroso , see N. Base text for Wiese C. Cornell University 4. Il tesoretto. Written in Florence, early 15 C. De Ricci, Supplement , p. Plut Contains only Il favolello which begins at c. Colophon dates MS Pozzi B. Laurentian binding. Red and black rubrication. Wisdom book. The dedications became increasingly sarcastic when it became clear that Charles had no intention of following these teachings. Fauriel E. Carmody, published C. Edith Brayer BhII. To their description should be added the observations by art historians M.

    See Alison M. Stones DVD. His siglum E, Paris B. Thus Carmody listed one MS twice. His R6, Vatican lat. It is extremely fragmentary and of no validity. D4 Bc. His T4 had likewise been destroyed in a fire in Torino, in His Z4 Bc. Carmody placed S2 Bc. Oen instead of St. Chabaille was more exact. The stemma Carmody C. See Chabaille C. Italian, Spanish and German libraries may not have been sufficiently searched.

    Besides the Plimpton manuscript which Carmody thought was at Yale but which is at Columbia with a second manuscript, there was also a manuscript in the collection at Warwick Castle which was probably sold off in the Edwardian period and has vanished without a trace, unless it became the one destroyed in the fire at Dunkerque. In addition to these, Fauriel E.

    Morbio E. Chabaille, p. Spurgeon Baldwin C. Bolognan libraria. Miniatures, including BL teaching.

    What are works?

    Related to Y. Chabaille C. Related to Y BbI. Segre-Amar BhII. Unknown to Chabaille, Carmody. Magnificently illuminated late manuscript, Cicero text is illuminated with scene of Parliament, c. Italian scribe. Very like fr Z2, BbI. Chabaille, Carmody, Gathercole Ib. Arras association. Interlinear corrections. Miniatures, Brunetto Latino teaching, c. Magnificent miniatures. Best exemplar of many similar early MSS.

    Final leaves missing. Astronomical designs. Fols Chabaille, Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard, Beltrami. Magnificent Arras-like miniatures, c. Colophon dates Copied from B3. Grotesques mocking letter to Charles of Anjou, opening illumination, p. Unknown to Carmody. See Capasso BhII. I gave this, , the sigla, IA. London, British Library, Additional End 13 C. Exemplar for OE. See Chabaille, p. Miniature of Phyllis astride Aristotle. Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway.. Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway. Charles Samaran et Robert Marichal, Paris, , p.

    Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce Lucy Sandler dates Mappamundi in Arabic position, astronomical figures. Italian School , Oxford , p. Chabaille, Carmody. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmolean Mid 14 C. Lucy Sandler notes is not a copy of D2, as it is made for a member of the Norfolk Gurney Gourney, Gournay family, since there is an angel with their coat of arms on the first page.

    Is like Ellesmere Chaucer. Could it have been the now-lost Warwick Castle MS? Then destroyed by fire, Napoli, Biblioteca Nazionale I. Fine early, 1st redaction, manuscript. Was unknown to Chabaille, Carmody. Listed, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway. Etude des manuscrits latins et en langue vernaculaire. Written by Michel, North French Arras? Illuminations, cc. Berne, Burgerbibliothek Erhard Lomatzsh. Minckwitz BhII. Bolton Holloway. Unknown to Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard.

    Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum Selection of text. Notarial, chancery script. Roux Ib. Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbiblothek Delightful miniatures. Beilage II. St Petersburg, National Library. Numerous miniatures. Like Q2, K. See also C. London, British Library, Royal Brayer, Vielliard.

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    Only second part of Tresor , c. Excellent Arras-like miniatures, cc. Owned Cardinal Bembo, who bought it in Gascony. Similar to A6, B3, S, T. French miniatures, teaching scenes, Bolognan libraria , Arras connection, c. Arras-like miniatures, cc. From Pavian library of Giangaleazzo Visconti. See A. Thomas BhII. Carmody base text. Facsimile published MLA, C. Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale, L. Damaged in fire, but an excellent manuscript, Italian capitals, French illuminations. Miniatures, cc. Much more fire-damaged.

    Had contained end of Tresor , III. Fascimile publ. MLA, C. Miniatures, c. Facsimile publ. Diplomatic presentation volume involving a relative of the Doge of Venice, Giovanni Dandolo , and presentation letter. Italian style illuminations to French MS of Brunetto in red robe teaching from lectern to three students, Emperor in red, blue, ermine, on throne.

    Bound with Dandolo arms and winged lion of St Mark with Book. I earlier gave it siglum of EE. Muddled Tresor , followed by Jean de Meun, Testament. End 15 C. Related to A BbI. Same scribe as A4 BbI. Owned, Humphrey of Gloucester or Henry V. Jehan du Quesne ascription. Illuminations of author presenting book to king, of popes and cardinals, of building a city, of cannons being fired.

    Similar to D3. Jehan du Quesne of Lille ascription. Pastedown fragment. Lauchert BhII. Jung BhII. London, British Library, Addit. Lavishly illuminated, cc. Copied from C2, British Library, Addit. Fine unilluminated Tresor. Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway.

    New York, Pierpont Morgan Library Miniatures of Brunetto writing and bestiary material. Vielliard further cites The Pierpont Morgan Library. Bond, New York, , p. Text is southern French, Italian-like dialect. Contains account of exile. Bought by George Plimpton. Not seen by Carmody. Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana S79 sup. Fine discussion of diplomacy, embassies, function of secretary to popes and kings. Cardinal Bembo association. Mentioned, not seen, Carmody. Modena, Biblioteca Estense E. Speaks of goverment as not by comune but by a king. See Camus BhII.

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